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Light the Sky

Experience spectacular brilliance with Hallmark Fireworks, lighting up the night sky with unforgettable displays.

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Discover our exclusive best-selling products, where each firework is a masterpiece of pyrotechnic art. Our premium consumer fireworks are crafted for unforgettable moments.


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About Us

At Hallmark Fireworks, we take pride in being the go-to wholesale supplier of fireworks in the United Kingdom. Our product range covers a wide spectrum of high-quality compounds, thrilling rockets, and captivating smoke flares.

By reaching out to us and becoming an authorised fireworks retailer, you can tap into the potential for business growth and elevate your offerings with our exceptional selection of products. We’re here to support your success in the fireworks industry.

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Unlock exclusive with the Hallmark Fireworks Tier System. Our innovative approach rewards retailers with enticing discounts based on their order volume, ensuring greater profitability and flexibility in stocking our premium fireworks products.
Become a Bronze tier member and receive a 60% discount


Become a Silver tier member and receive a 65% discount


Become a Gold tier member and receive a 70% discount


Become a Platinum tier member and receive a 75% discount


Become a Palladium tier member and receive a 80% discount


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