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Black Magic

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Prepare to be enchanted by Black Magic from Hallmark Fireworks! This enthralling cake boasts 49 shots of pure magic, featuring a captivating gold willow, purple star, and an array of other dazzling effects. With a weight of 686 grams, Black Magic promises a spellbinding display that will leave spectators in awe. Experience the allure of Black Magic and let the fireworks work their spell.

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Dimensions 210 × 210 × 175 mm


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Black Magic Additional Info

Enter a world of wonder and enchantment with Black Magic, the captivating fireworks masterpiece from Hallmark Fireworks. With its mystical allure and dazzling display, this exceptional cake promises to leave audiences spellbound from the first shot to the last.

Featuring 49 shots of pure magic, Black Magic unleashes a hypnotic array of effects that will ignite the imagination and light up the night sky in spectacular fashion. From the shimmering beauty of the gold willow to the ethereal glow of the purple star, each shot transports spectators to a realm of fantasy and wonder.

With its weight of 686 grams, this powerhouse of pyrotechnics stands as a beacon of mystery and intrigue, ready to captivate audiences with its otherworldly charm.

Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion, hosting a magical event, or simply seeking an escape from the ordinary, Black Magic delivers the thrills and excitement you desire. So gather your friends and family, prepare to be amazed, and let the enchantment of Black Magic cast its spell over you.